About Us

Blogging is more of a passion than just another forum for expressing one’s views. There is never a limit for voicing your views. Be it negative or positive, the end result remains the same.

Hi! I am Jonny May. And welcome to wavenetwork.co.uk. This is my blog where I voice my views about various aspects, nothing in particular. I share my passions, my views and ideas in this blog. These words I write may seem heavily worded at times. Some of the articles are purely emotional and hold a high value for my personal life.

Some of my hobbies include photography, music, collecting beer lids and seals from around the world. Ever since I held the Canon 450D, I was engulfed in the hobby of photography. That old camera thought me so much in the field of photography. I am a guitar instructor, completed 7 grades from Trinity College of music. I play for a local band and have witnessed many thrash metal bands like anthrax, slayer and Metallica quite a few times.

To know more about me and this blog, add me up on Facebook and you can also follow me on twitter for constant updates about my blog. You can follow my soundcloud account for musical insights and Flickr for my photography.

Lastly I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. It gives me immense pleasure in sharing my views with you. This blog has helped me voice many views out and also helped may voice theirs. Contact me for more details on the contact page.